What Does Relationship Mean To You?

Why are relationships difficult?

I believe it is because we see things from different perspectives and our words don’t always come out the way we intend. What we say and what the other person hears are often not the same. Maybe that’s why I write. I can see what I wrote, think about the message, and change it if it doesn’t come out right. When I speak the option to change my words isn’t there, at least not until after I have spoken.  My husband and I have been married forty three years and we still sometimes have problems communicating. Sometimes I feel as if I’m speaking a foreign language. That’s why it is so important to talk things out. Relationships are too valuable to throw away over misunderstanding.

My rule for myself: ALWAYS give the benefit of the doubt, and choose NOT to be offended. (Psalms 119:164)

4 thoughts on “What Does Relationship Mean To You?

  1. Very true what you wrote about relationship – getting communication right is vital.

    Many thanks for this, may I always remember!

    Also thanks for the follow and for your contribution on my post.


    1. You’re welcome. I wish I could visit your country someday. The photos posted on jujufilms are amazing. Also, although there seems to be little I can do to help others in various parts of the world, I can and do pray, and I help support some missionaries through my church. Our missionaries send us letters and post blogs on their websites so we know what they are doing. If we find something wrong, we withdraw our support. I sent e-mails to several Assembly of God churches regarding the goings on there in hopes they would check into the situation and try to correct it.


      1. Thank you. My experience was with Chtist Apostolic Church and the practice was subtle, the other example was with Redeemed Church, these guys don’t keep it secret – plenty of examples online. I do know a few friends from Assembly of God Church but honestly don’t have direct experience of them doing this – I will not rule it out given the state of church in our dear country today especially Penticoastal, we may be upset our ‘secrets’ is on the web but it is a big issue we struggle with – God help us!

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  2. You are right. It is a big issue and it breaks my heart that these things are being done in the precious name of Jesus. I am praying for you and your people. We knew things would get worse as God gets ready to pour out His judgment on this world, but it is hard to bear for those of us who care about others.


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