Appalling Forced Marriage in Nigeria

Modern Day Forced Marriage

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I knew Pastor Ade’s area of expertise was in match making but that was a step too far. I don’t know how he did it but he succeeded in convincing Janet that college was a waste of time and that marrying a man that was 40 years older was the best option for her life.

The groom is a twice-married widower senior pastor who lost both wives to illnesses. He has four grown children, one of them older than Janet

How is Janet doing after over a decade of “Arrangee Marriage”, now in her mid thirties with five children, and a husband who is older than her father? She did not come home for several years after the marriage to avoid awkward conversations.

We have moved on as a country from many traditional practices that we see as imposing or outdated for modern times however, many of the practices in the Pentecostal churches today is far worse than what we moved away from.

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My purpose in copying this is to draw attention to the cruelty imposed on these women, not only by their own country’s mores, but by a church that is supposed to draw people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus would not approve of this, and we Christians need to bring it out in the open so it can be dealt with. This is unacceptable in the body of Christ, especially when purported by the leaders of the flock.