The Parents’ Rights Activist

Okay, some people are probably going to get upset with me, but I have to ‘speak’ my mind here. Fox News has been reporting for the past couple of days about a 7th grader who created a fake FB page, pretending to be someone else and using a lot of defamitory comments, supposedly from a classmate. The parents found out about it and disciplined the child, which I agree with. I also agree that the site should then have been removed and his computer privileges revoked for at least a year. (If he were my kid that’s exactly what would have happened.)

However, it gets my hot button to turn bright red when I hear anyone saying parents should be held accountable for their kids’ actions. If we still had parents rights in this country I would agree with that. But the government has taken away the rights of parents. The government (and several other agencies including Planned Parenthood, the NOW Organization, and a host of others too mention to name) want to take over our kids and make them socialists, haters of parents, amoral, childless, ruthless people. I have proof. I have a DVD documentary called “AGENDA.” It can be viewed over the internet.

If we want our kids to be decent, moral citizens; if we want them to grow up to be happy, productive adults, we need to take our rights back. Social Services should not have the authority to take our kids away because they get a spanking. (My kids are all grown up, so you bureaucrats can’t take my kids now.) How can the government hold us accountable for our kids’ behavior on one hand, and tell us we have no authority on the other? I think this is called an oxymoron. It’s the same foolishness that calls it a double murder if a pregnant woman is murdered, but it’s not murder if she kills her baby.

Look, Im not judging. Life happens and we make mistakes. God is a loving, forgiving God, but lets call sins by their names so we can move on. You can’t ask forgiveness for something you won’t acknowledge you’ve done wrong. We need to agree with God when we’re wrong, so we can receive His fogiveness and healing about the situation. If you’ve had an abortion, I don’t hate you, or criticize, or judge. You made a choice for whatever your reasons were. God still loves you and wants to heal your pain and heartache over the loss of that child.

I’m not going to get into the abortion debate here. I just wanted to get the parents’ rights issue out there. If you’re a parent, take a stand. Talk to the local authorities and ask them what the local laws are on spanking. It’s what we did when we first brought our daughter and her kids back from another state several years ago. Our local government says it’s okay to spank as long as you don’t leave bruises or stripes.

Studies have shown that if you administer discipline during the toddler and kindergarten years, discipline is required less often as they grow up–until they get to be teenagers and have all the answers.

I’m not saying every kid should be spanked either. Some kids learn just by giving them time out or taking toys away. Some kids are more stubborn than others. Talking rarely works but kids think they are invincible, that nothing bad could ever happen to them. When they grow up with no consequences they end up being miserable adults, blaming all their problems on other people, thinking they deserve to have everything handed to them with no effort of their own.  They also tend to feel unloved (there are always exceptions) so they get into trouble to make someone care about how they live and what they do.

Okay, I’m done ranting. Just want to encourage parents to take a stand and take back their rights. Kids need discipline is some form or another. The Bible says God disciplines His children. It even goes so far as to say that if He doesn’t discipline us, we don’t belong to him. God gave my children to me, not the government. God expects me to raise my children in accordance with His word. He has entrusted them to me. It’s a big responsibility. Now they’re grown and it’s His turn.