Writing 101: What if the Ladies Jubilee was Taken Over by the NOW Organization?

(This post if fiction, but what if. . .)

The Daily Sun, Oct. 3, 2014

A recent report from the Associated Press indicated a new plot is being drawn by the NOW organization to squelch all Christian Women’s organizations, it’s first effort being directed at the Ladies’ Jubilee. For those who have never heard of this obscure event, it is an annual celebration/teaching forum among many Fundamental Independent Baptist churches. The event usually lasts two and a half days at a local participating church. Its origins are unknown, but the women seem to come away with a renewed sense of responsibility and commitment to their husbands and children. All reports indicate that these women love being home-makers, wives and mothers. They feel fulfilled in their lives. They work diligently with their hands, finding joy in hand-crafted clothing, cooking and baking, and various needlecrafts. They are often busy in their communities, volunteering to help those in nursing homes, homeless shelters, shelters for battered women, etc. They are active in their churches, yet still seem to give their all to their families.

The NOW organization seems to be quite jealous of the happiness and peace these Christian ladies exhibit and are bent on destroying it. As the saying goes, ‘misery loves company.’ This reporter, for one, would like to see the NOW organization taken over by the Ladies’ Jubilee. Maybe they could learn to be happy, too.

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