Work: That Four-Letter Word

Dear Work,

I used to like you, but you became unbearable. Your demands became too great and nothing was ever good enough. I was thankful to have a job, and I really liked what I was doing. But I’ve had enough. I’m quitting. I have another job lined up that will not be near as demanding. It will allow me to work at my own pace. Everyone around me will be happier because I will be happy. I will no longer be grumbling about my taskmaster, my job. I’m going to go back to being a housewife. By the way, thanks for the mediocre paychecks. I deserved more pay than I got. Now my pay will be in the smiles I get from my family because their home will be cleaner and neater, and their meals will be better because I won’t be too frazzled to cook. I may not get paid in money, but the smiles and rewards from my family will make up for the lack. See ya!


Aleta Kay 101