Dialogue and Foreshadowing–Writing 101

Chandra and Marigold were standing by their lockers after school. Chandra’s blond curls bounced around her oval face as she rushed to put her books away for the weekend. “What’s got you so excited?” Marigold had never seen her friend so animated. There was something different about Chandra lately. She seemed happier than usual. She seemed to be smiling all the time.

“Do you have a crush on someone, Chandra? You’ve been acting like nothing could ever ruffle you. What’s up?”

“I’m going on a trip and I can hardly wait.” Chandra’s eyes seemed so bright. Marigold wondered if her friend was on drugs.
“Really? Where are you going?”

“Someplace I’ve never been before. I’m so excited. What if it happens tomorrow?”

“Wait. You’re going someplace you’ve never been before, and you don’t know when you’re going?”

“That’s right. But I know it will be beyond anything I could imagine.”

“Chandra, you’re not making any sense. How can you plan to go somewhere if you don’t know when you’re going?”

“It’s easy. You just have to make the reservations.”

“No, Chandra. It isn’t that simple. When you make reservations you have to have specific dates for the airlines and hotels. I think you need me to come with you. I helped my parents plan vacations before.”

“You can’t come with me, Marigold.”

“Why not? I can get you the best prices and the coolest places to stay. I’m good at this.”

“Because you have to know the travel agent personally. He makes all the arrangements.”

“Right. And he won’t tell you when you’re leaving? How are you supposed to be ready?”

“He said to be ready at a moment’s notice.”

“It sounds like a crazy adventure. It might be fun. How do I get to meet the travel agent?”

“Come with me to the meeting tonight and I’ll introduce you.”

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3 thoughts on “Dialogue and Foreshadowing–Writing 101

  1. As a Christian, it was obvious to me – either the rapture or death, which has been called “the final adventure.” I’m not sure if others (non-Christians) would immediately pick up on the reference, though, but I like the idea of getting to meet the travel agent.


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