Serially Lost Part I–Writing 101

Rock Falls, Illinois is a small town with not much to recommend it. It is situated across the river from Sterling. My memories are a little fuzzy since I haven't lived there since my first day of school many years ago. I was a timid kid, afraid of my own shadow it seemed. "Don't play … Continue reading Serially Lost Part I–Writing 101

Punishment or Discipline?

A football player was recently accused of child abuse because he switched his four-year-old son. The media and psychologists seem to be of the opinion that you should just talk to your children to get them to behave or be respectful. LOOK AT OUR YOUTH TODAY, EXPERTS AND TELL ME HOW THAT'S WORKING! Have you … Continue reading Punishment or Discipline?

My View. . .Writing 101

It was the house where my parents fought. I was crouched under the square white table with the brown chairs, watching my mother run as my father chased her with a knife. Her red, black and gray patterned skirt swished as she ran, the Spanish dancing ladies printed around the bottom seeming to run with … Continue reading My View. . .Writing 101

A Wrinkle in the Net


I wanted to blog yesterday, but we were in the mountains and the only way to get internet service was with the cell phone. It had signal Friday but not yesterday. I would have had to leave the family reunion for a little while to drive down the hill (using the brakes on the truck a lot) in order to get connected. Since we had family who came late and had to leave early this morning, I decided they were more important than the blog. Hope no one is offended. These are people I only get to see for a couple of days once a year. And they are very dear to me. Who knows when it will be the last time?

So, there was a “wrinkle in the internet” connection. But I’m back today and my intention is to keep up with this. I really do care about my…

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