The Park in Three Parts–Writing 101

First Person–

Our family goes to Bluestone State Park in Hinton, West Virginia every year.  Due to road construction and bridge work, the front entrance to the park is closed. We had to take the back entrance. We left Whitesville and drove to Beckley. We could have just taken Rt. 3 but that would have taken a lot longer so we got on I-64 West and took exit 129B. We got on Rt. 307 East and took that to Rt. 19 South.  From there we drove through Daniels and Shady Spring.  At Shady Spring we got on Rt. 3 South, taking us through White Oak and Jumping Branch, on through to Nimitz. At Nimitz we immediately turned right on Sand Knob Road. This was the road of adventure, as the road narrowed until it dropped down to a narrow, unmarked one-lane road going through the back of the park. But it was daytime and we made it through the bumps and passing a school bus.

2nd Person POV

Due to blasting and road construction near the entrance to the park the route getting into Bluestone was different. If you were coming from Beckley you would need to take Eisenhower Drive to I-64 West to exit 129B.  You would take that exit which would put you on Rt 9/307 headed towards Little Beaver State Park. You would follow this road to Rt. 19 South.  You would drive through Daniels and Shady Spring. From Shady Spring you would go South on Rt. 3. This would take you through White Oak and Jumping Branch.  You would keep on driving until you get to Nimitz, which is not on the map.  Almost as soon as you enter Nimitz the road forks. One way goes almost straight to the right, while the other part of the road curves left. You would take the right which is Sand Knob Road.  Sand Knob Road goes through a rural housing area and is a typical two-lane country road. However, the farther you go down the road the more narrow it gets. School buses drive this road to pick up and deliver children.  Eventually you see a sign on the left that says Bluestone State Park.  The road becomes a one-lane road which still has houses where there are children who ride the school bus. This is the back entrance to the park. There are no pull-off areas and no shoulders to the road. Also, there are a lot of potholes. You would need to drive carefully , and plan to stay in a hotel if arriving at night because the sides of the road are not painted so you wouldn’t see the edge. Driving this road at night would be hazardous.

3rd Person (Omniscient) POV

They had traveled far, coming from Oklahoma. There were three adults, two teenagers, a three-year-old and a toddler. Someone had to text them to make sure they knew how to get to the park. Fotunately, they did not have to travel through Beckley. They came down the West Virginia Turnpike headed South, got off on Rt. 460 East in Princeton,  got off on Oakvale Road, then turned right on Rt. 20. This took them through Athens, past Pipestem State Park, and past the front entrace to Bluestone State Park. Two miles past the front entrance to Bluestone, they turned left on Rt. 3 and took this to Sand Knob Road, where they proceded through the back entrance to Bluestone.

Please advise if there are errors.  Even in proof-reading, I don’t always catch them.  Also, let me know if this is confusing or could have been explained better. Thanks. 101