Serially Lost Part 2–Writing 101

I thought we were going to be given future assignments to finish this three part series, but since none has been forthcoming, I will follow the lead of some other bloggers and just do it. The first part dealt witht the loss of my mother. My brother, Herman, was nine years younger than me. When [...]


Merry Christmas!–writing 101

Christmas at our house was the happiest time of the year. My mother loved to decorate and her taste was ecclectic. Our tree was filled with lights, shiny ornaments, and tinsel. We had gold garland and silver. The neighbors would come over every year to see our tree. Garland and greenery were draped and hung [...]

The Park in Three Parts–Writing 101

First Person-- Our family goes to Bluestone State Park in Hinton, West Virginia every year.  Due to road construction and bridge work, the front entrance to the park is closed. We had to take the back entrance. We left Whitesville and drove to Beckley. We could have just taken Rt. 3 but that would have [...]