Kill The Adverbs–Writing 101

It's autumn in West Virginia. I'm standing at my favorite overlook at Grandview State Park off of Rt. 9 in Raleigh County. As I descdribe this, keep in mind that my winters are spent in Florida where there is very little color change in the leaves. Florida is flat and straight compared to these blue-gray … Continue reading Kill The Adverbs–Writing 101


Just Three More Days

I am in the Eastern Daylight Timezone, so three more days until my novel, Mending Fences, is available at no cost on If you choose to get a copy, please review the book after you have read it. You can also contact me here or send me a tweet. I will be happy to respond … Continue reading Just Three More Days

Contrast in Dialogue: Writing 101

The subject in the psychology class was punishment. The professor was also a practicing psychologist with several degrees behind her name. Most of the people in the class were fresh out of high school, I was the lone thirty-something-year-old. "Punishment doesn't work," Dr. Atkins said. I raised my hand. "Do you equate punishment with discipline?" … Continue reading Contrast in Dialogue: Writing 101