The Countdown Begins

It’s almost time. Excitement is building. Will it be a success? Will anyone notice? Will anyone care? Maybe I’ll polish my nails to take my mind off of the anxiety. It’s a good anxiety but still, I need to relax. Relax. Can I? I have lots of books to read. Maybe that will help. I’m starting Hunger Games. I saw the first two movies but haven’t read the books. My sister-in-law sent me an e-mail, loaning me hers.

Or I could read Les Miserables. But I know I won’t finish it before the 27th. Oh, wait, I only have 12 days left to finish the Hunger Games Trilogy. I need to read. But. . .

On the 27th my novel, Mending Fences, will be available from for free. It’s in e-book form. On the same day Indiehouse Books will post my author interview. What if I blow it? What if I didn’t answer the questions right? Oh, I’m so nervous.  Self-promotion is not my forte, but everything I read says an author has to promote him/herself in order to gain readership. Yikes!

Mending Fences is about Viet Nam vet turned pastor Robert McGinn. (This is entirely fiction.) He’s a meek, likable guy who really loves the Lord and his family, but he’s never home when they need him most. When his little girl dies his remaining family turns against him in anger and frustration. They no longer want him around. After the funeral he moves across the country. Seventeen years later he’s diagnosed with a terminal illness–three months to live. What will he do? Does he have enough time to mend the broken fences in his relationships? If so, will anyone care? Should he even bother?

Another excerpt will be posted Monday. God bless.