The Letter On The Side of the Road

It’s a halcyon day in the Arizona desert. It’s winter but during the day it gets up to sixty-something degrees. It’s a great day for walking and rock-hounding. But what’s this I see? It’s a crumpled piece of tan colored paper. I reach down to pick it up and carefully smooth it out as well as possible. There are water spots on the ink so some of the words are hard to read. It says:

            My dearest Alena,

            The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is leave you. I never meant to hurt you, but it is impossible for us to marry. My heart is shattered and I can’t even explain why. You need to forget me and move on. I’m leaving and I’ll never be back. I will always love you. I wish I could explain but it’s impossible. Tell dad I’m sorry.

 There’s no signature, no date, no address.

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