The Three Most Important Songs in My Life–Writing 101 Lesson 3

Before I begin let me give a little background. All three of these songs are either hymns or Christian songs. Each one is important because of how they affect my life, my soul, reminding me of the price Jesus the Christ paid for me. His sacrifice changed me, changed my life, and there is no way I can ever repay Him, and He doesn’t ask me to.

The first song is Amazing Grace. He did, indeed, save a wretch like me. There are people who say Jesus is just a crutch for weak people. They are right. I lean on Him continually. I am willing to admit that there are things in life I can’t handle by myself. I can admit that I am a sinner (saved by grace) in need of His love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, tenderness, chastisement at times, and His strength.

The second song is The Day He Wore My Crown. The entire song moves me to tears because it takes the hearer through the agony Christ suffered at the hands of people He had fed, healed, raised from the dead. His disciples left Him, turned away, embarrassed and afraid of the religious leaders when Jesus was arrested. Why was Jesus arrested? What was His crime? His crime was that He loved the entire human race enough to pay their penalty for sin, even though He knew they would reject Him. He could have come down off of that cross. His love held Him there. He could have called legions of angels to minister to Him. He didn’t. He suffered more than any human being has ever suffered. The whipping alone could and should have killed Him, but it wasn’t the right time. They blind folded Him, spat in His dear face, plucked out His beard, punched HIm and mocked Him. Then they tied Him to a pole and whipped Him with a cat-o-nine tails until his back and sides looked like ninety pounds of raw hamburger meat. He did that for me. I was headed into witchcraft before I gave Him my life. He loved me even then. That’s why He pulled me out. He ransomed my soul–paid with His own blood which He chose to shed for me, his enemy even though I didn’t know it. I love this song and can’t sing it without weeping.

The third song (and I could list many more) is Champion of Love as sung by The Cathedrals. Jesus won the victory for me. Satan tried many times to stop Him, but God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit (the triune Godhead) was more powerful than that sneaky, sly serpentine spirit.

I don’t consider myself religious. I don’t like religion. I don’t have a relationship (though I will wear the label Christian because it simply means a follower of Jesus); I have a relationship. This relationship with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost, supercedes all other relationships and those relationships are healthier for it. songs