Unlocking the Mind

Wow. This is a great assignment. Write randomly for twenty minutes. Okay. Here is my stream of consciousness. I hope I can make it last for twenty minutes.

What if I fail? What if I really am just a blob of nothing, with no purpose, no reason for existence? Why am I here? Was I a cosmic accident as they teach in school, just a result of some astral chaos? And if evolution is true then where do morals come from? Who gets to decide what is right and what is wrong? What is the value of life if it is all just an accident?

I wonder: if the theory of all of life stemming from one tiny one-celled animal is true, how did it evolve into every form of life–plant animal, human? Where did the one-celled animal come from? If it came from water where did the water come from?

If the theory of a celestial big bang is true, how did order come from chaos?

In either case, how did so many organisms evolve into such complicated, perfectly functioning forms of life? If everything was an accident, what created the gravity that holds the planets in their orbits? How did an accident create such symetrical design? How did such beauty come from nothing?

I believe it takes more faith to believe in evolution than in creation. Evolution didn’t teach me to give up my temper. Evolution didn’t help me become the wife and mother I needed to be. God did that for me when I gave Him the mess I was and asked Him to replace the mess with His goodness, grace, peace and love.

I am a pile of dust, as stated in His word, but He made me on purpose (Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 139). He made me to know His love and compassion. He made me so He could fill me with His love that I might spread it to others. Even as a little girl, before I knew anything about God, I thought He must love us a lot to give us such a pretty world to live in. I never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ until I was twenty three years old, but the seeds were planted in my heart on weekends spent with my great grandmother, and my mother’s lawyer’s wife, Orpha. I never understood what they were trying to teach me back then, but having met my Savior, and looking back, I can see His hand always working in my life to bring me to the place where I could know Him. I have value because of who He is.