Weak Connection

This will be a short post without pictures because I’m not sure how long I’ll have signal to connect to wireless internet. I’m using my cell phone to connect and my server is not strong in this area. But we’ll see how far I get.

We are at our family reunion in West Virginia. I love this time of year. Family dynamics change and in-laws come and go, and new ones come in. Sometimes the grandkids of the family bring friends. There’s almost always a new face in the pictures we take on Saturday.

We made pumpkin pies today. More people than normal arrived Wednesday. Most of the rest will arrive today or tonight. A few will not make it until tomorrow. It all ends Sunday afternoon after lunch.

But this is what we live for, what we all look forward to every year. We miss the ones who are unable to make the trip, but we have such a great time of fellowship. We are so scattered across the country that most of us only get to see each other this brief weekend every year. Facebook is nice but it’s not the same as being there and giving the hugs and taking our own pictures.

It has rained a little every day except today. Today is partly cloudy and temps in the low 70’s. I’ve already been out for a short walk with my husband, and found some new scenery to photograph. I promise photos on my page when we get back to a place where we have a solid connection. It may be a while so please be patient.

I would love to hear from some of you. Where are you geographically and what do you like to read? What do you like to do? I really want a connection with my readers. After all, if no one reads this then I’m wasting my time. Tell me what you think. Or offer suggestions.

Have a great day. More next time.