You’ll Be Sooorrry!

Once upon a time the U.S. was known as a Christian nation. This reputation stemmed from the high moral standards we had and a government that was not afraid to base its Constitution and Bill of Rights on the Word of God. Our founding fathers did not institutionalize religion. They did not demand obeisance to God, but the standard by which our governing documents were written stemmed from the faith those men had in a sovreign God. Even those who did not profess Christianity agreed with the precepts and principles on which those documents were based.

Because of those ideals and standards parents were not afraid to discipline (I”m not talking about abuse here) their children. Children were expected to respect authority and other people in general. They were taught to be kind and courteous. If they rebelled there were consequences. Now we think we’re too educated to be so narrow minded.

Did you know: When your child gets on the school bus that child belongs to the State until he or she returns home. Did you know that the curriculum that spread through our nations schools in the 80’s, telling our kids they didn’t have to obey their parents, was based on the Communist Manifesto (I had a copy of the curriculum and the Manifesto. This is not just my opinion.) . Did you know that the goal of that curriculum was to create a rebellion so that the government would have more authority over our children and take away parents’ rights? And we think we’re better off.

Someone please explain to me how we are better off with children killing teachers, school staff, other kids and their parents. Please explain to me how we are better off with kids who flout all authority and expect their parents to just be their buddies. Tell me how we are better off with parents who would rather get high or drunk, or go shopping than to be a parent. Now I know there are good kids and good parents out there, but what I see in the news and newspapers, and on FB and Twitter; what I hear from family members who are school teachers, and from parents who actively participate in their children’s education and other areas of life, tells a story of frustration at the lack of parental guidance and control.

“Oh, but our kids will call the police, or a neighbor will.” That’s a copout. My kids threatened me too. Here’s what I told them:

If that’s what you really want, I’ll make the call for you. This is what will happen. The police will come and take you away and put you in a foster home, in a system that is already overhwelmed. The home they put you in will likely have other foster kids who will steal your food, not let you sleep, tear up your homework, etc. And nothing will be done about it because those people get paid to take care of you. There are good foster homes out there but there are also many that are not. But they are getting paid and that’s all that matters. You will not be allowed to return home. You may have to change schools and leave your friends behind. Your father and I take care of you because we love you. We don’t get paid and wouldn’t want to be. You receive discipline for your actions because we love you and care what kind of person you grow up to be. We want you to be respected and show respect. We want you to have a good education so you can get a good job. So where do you want to live–with people who only get paid to take care of you, or with people who love you?

My kids decided they would take the consequences for their actions from us and never threatened to call the police again. Not that we never had any problems; we did. But we grew from them, learned from them, survived, and today have a great relationship with our kids and our six grandkids.

As for those pesky neighbors who believe kids should just be allowed to do whatever they want, tell them that if they call the police they can have your kids for a couple of days and see how they fare.

Parents, we need to take back our authority. We need to elect goverment officials who are willing to fight to restore our parental rights. I’m not advocating child abuse. There are many constructive ways to discipline without beating your child (this is different from spanking.) Kids will always test the limits to see if there really are boundaries. They want and need boundaries. it’s how we learn what is safe and what is not.

Proverbs 22:15 says, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction will drive it far from him.” Our children thank us today for loving them enough to sometimes spank, sometimes take away privileges, sometimes make them do extra chores, etc. to build character and teach them to respect themselves and others. They are happy and their personalities are not warped.