I’m A Little Late. . .

Well, it’s been another busy day, but at least today wasn’t stressful. More treasure hunting as I search through the mounds of paper I have collected and kept over the years. Lots of newspaper clippings that are fodder for more stories. Then there are stories I wrote and submitted to a writing course I took that have instructor notes on them. I need to keep them for future self-editing and revising. Hmmm, I wonder where I’m going to find filing space. My filing cabinet is already pretty full.

Let’s meander a bit. The title of the book is: Men Are Like Waffles; Women Are Like Spaghetti. Well, I’m in full spaghetti mode this evening, so here’s another part of my ramble. West Virginia U is playing tonight, and being a redneck adoptee, I am definitely rooting for them. They lost to AL last week but they put up a good fight. The game has a ways to go so I’ll check the score shortly.

Meanwhile back at the computer, I’m dyslexically multi-tasking between writing this blog and trying to organize a surprise baby shower for my niece next weekend at family reunion. Relatives come from all over the country for a weekend getaway. Well, some only stay a few hours due to living on a farm and having to milk cows twice a day. When all of us are able to make it we number around forty. We have five generations. We are so blessed.

My mother-in-law makes six pans of date bars and five or six pumpkin pies. Friday night is usually soup or stew and people eat as they come in. Saturday is like a Thanksgiving dinner, usually with two smoked turkeys (someone brings a couple of smokers), mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and homemade gravy. Anybody hungry yet? There’s always a battle over who gets the first date bar. The kids go to the playground to let off steam. Then there is always hiking the trails. If anyone gets bored it’s their own fault. No sympathy here.

My post after next weekend will have a photo with it. Maybe two. There are always lots of deer in the park.

Well, I’ve run out of ramble. Since I missed day before yesterday and was late today, I will try to post again tomorrow, though I don’t normally post on Sundays. Stay positive and be blessed.