How To Raise A Criminal

First, make sure the child hears you complain about how tied down you feel, how having a child has ruined your life. You can’t go out with friends and have fun anymore.

Second, criticize the child at every opportunity. Verbal abuse is very effective.

Third, let him (or her) have to fend for himself at as early an age as possible. Be sure to punish him if he makes a mess.

Never reward good behavior.

Don’t give him any attention unless it is negative.

Tell him he’s useless and stupid. Do this several times a day.

Make him feel unwanted and unloved.

If you do these things, unless God intervenes in his life, he will grow up angry at the world and become a sociopath–someone without a conscience. You could be his first murder victim.

Not every child who grows up like this turns out to be a criminal, but they will definitely need counseling in order to be able to have any kind of healthy relationship with anyone.

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