Country Roads, Take Me Home

Today we leave the campground here in Jackson, TN to make our way to wild, wonderful, West-by-Golly Virginia. I wasn’t born there but the first time I saw those mountains was from an airplane window and I knew that was where I belonged (at least on earth, but I’m heaven-bound someday where I’ll be with my Lord forever more). 

I love the windy roads, the fall foliage, the brilliant hues of orange, red, and yellow. The sweet smell of rain on a fall day, the crisp mountain air. But winters can be treacherous in those mountains so we don’t stay in the winter anymore. Still, one of my favorite memories is watching the cardinal in the snow-covered blue spruce outside my mother-in-law’s dining room window. I would stand in the dark, after the sidewalk lamp came on, shedding a dim light on trackless snow. I loved it so much I mentioned it in my first novel, Vengeance. 

My favorite state park is Grand View, outside of Beckley on highway 19. From the overlook you can see the river snaking through the mountains, a railroad track skirting the bottom of the mountain across from the overlook. You can almost see how God formed those breath-taking blue ridges.

We’re going back for family reunion, but first we’re going to stop at my brother-in-law’s and finallly get all of our (and our kids’) stuff out of his storage shed. It’s only been there 17 years. 

Family, the most important relationships we have after our relationship to God. We are so blessed to have a wonderful family, even though we don’t always agree, and our personalities run the spectrum. Also, not everyone is a follower of Christ, but we love each and every one and pray for those who don’t believe. We don’t push; we just love them. We trust God to answer our prayers for those who don’t know him yet.

Our reunion is held in Bluestone State park and when we all get together there are about forty of us when everyone can make it. We start coming in on Friday evening and leave Sunday afternoon. There’s always plenty of food and lots of fun for everyone. 

I’ll tell you about it in about three weeks. There’s work to be done before we actually get to reunion. We’re traveling so I don’t know if I’ll have internet connection tomorrow. If I do, I’ll post. If not, I’ll be back Monday. Y’all have a great weekend.