Anniversary Day

Today is the 43rd anniversary or our wedding day. It didn’t start out right. My husband (who likes to remain anonymous) came from an upper-middle class family while I came from the other end of the financial spectrum. He was raised in a Christian home (they went to church faithfully); my family didn’t start going to church until I started high school.

We were married on his mom’s birthday–not a good day for her since ours was a “shotgun” wedding. He had joined the military to be able to provide for a family that he hadn’t planned on having until age 24 (we were 19 when we got married).

The military chaplain suggested to my [then] fiance that he pay for me to have an abortion and forget about me. The military would help him forget by giving him a year of isolated duty in Alaska. I could no more kill my baby than stop breathing. 

We were told our marriage couldn’t last. We were too immature (we were) and there were too many strikes against us. Well, I don’t know; it’s only been 43 years. We’re still on our honeymoon. Do you think we’ll make it?

The devil, that sly old serpent, certainly did his best to fulfill that prophecy, but he lost and God won. We have had our differences and trials, to be sure, but with lots of prayer and compromise on both of our parts, the wise counsel of a Christian man, and a determination to work things out, we are stronger and happier than we ever thought possible. To God Be The Glory.


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