Books I’ve Read and Enjoyed

Just posted some reviews on GoodReads. My two favorite authors are Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury. They both are masters at creating characters we can identify with, settings we can picture ourselves in and feel as if we are there, and bringing out issues that we might not otherwise consider such as the loneliness of elderly people, the bitterness that divides families, or the heartache of losing a loved one. Francine Rivers is a master storyteller in any setting: historical or contemporary.

The books I have read and enjoyed by Francine Rivers are: Redeeming Love; The Mark of the Lion trilogy: A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, and as Sure as the Dawn. The trilogy is set in Jerusalem during the time of the Roman Empire, but it doesn’t stop there. The series revolves around the heartbreak of a young Jewish Christian girl named Haddassah, who is taken captive and marched from Jerusalem to Ephesus, and has some settings in Rome. Enter a Germanic warrior named Atretes who is also taken captive for the purpose of being turned into a gladiator.

Haddassah becomes a slave to a wealthy Roman household. The way her life and faith intersect and impact the lives of her masters and Atretes is nothing short of art and careful plotting.

I read and re-read this trilogy as well as Leota’s Garden, The Atonement Child, The Last Sin Eater (made into a motion picture), and the Mark of the Lion series. She also wrote And the Shofar Blew, and The Scarlet Thread. Each book she writes is better than the last.

I haven’t read as many books by Karen Kingsbury (yet). I have enjoyed Unlocked; Remember Tuesday Morning; and When Joy Came to Stay.

Stay “tuned” for more favorite authors. Leave a comment. Tell me your favorites. I also like John Grisham, Iris Johanson, Steve Martini, Mary Higgins Clark, Tom Clancy, Marta Perry, Frank Peretti, and more.