Websites and Blogs

So many awesome sites to follow! How does one choose? I’m still learning this “game” and have not yet figured out how to link to all of the ones I like. I get started and then have to quit so I can spend time with my fabulous grandkids, whom I seldom get to see due to distance. Until this year we were working and couldn’t get away long enough to visit them all. Now we’re retired and spending months at a time with them. AWESOME!.

The sites I’ve discovered so far that I really like are the Daily Post, Good Reads; there’s one that has the word ‘library’ in its title. Then there’s a photography site that has amazing pictures–actually there are several. I could spend all day browsing and never write a thing. That would be loads of fun but my stories would never be written.

Right now I’m enrolled in Holly Lisle’s ‘How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck’ class. It’s great. I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to limit my word count to flash fiction, but I’m trying. It’s also great fodder for more novel ideas. Yea, Holly! Thanks bunches.

Going to Pinson Mounds today with the grandkids, looking at local archaeological findings. Wearing my Native American choker and earrings for the occasion.

Bye for now.