Well, I messed up yesterday, but I’m learning here. I’m an author; I make mistakes and save them so I’ll know what not to do the next time.

If you have any [positive] comments or suggestions about this site, please feel free to share. There are many bloggers out there who have greater experience than I. However I am on a limited budget so may not be able to implement some suggestions. Still, all suggestions are welcome.

I will be posting excerpts from my own writing (novels and short stories), as well as some of my poetry, and quotes that are public domain.

My intent is to showcase my writing, not for my own glory, but rather that I may pass along something I have learned that may benefit someone else. After all, the reason for our foibles and personal catastrophes due to our own choices, I believe, is to help others. We are a human community in need of each other. Sharing is a great thing! So feel to share. If you have had an experience that may help someone else, again, feel free to share here.


Aleta kay