An Unexpected Sunrise

I'm a night owl, or late night bear, whichever wildlife you prefer. I love both animals. But I digress. Last night was one of those typical nights in which I just couldn't get comfortable. I tossed and turned, thought about my grandkids and their struggles, and tried to ignore aches and pains. At close to … Continue reading An Unexpected Sunrise

Writing Prompt:

"When I fell through the cracks I landed in the hospital."What would you write after this opening? If it was the title for a story, what would the story be about?

Canals of Time

This is a poem I wrote and had published in CycloFlame magazine in 1970.Canals of time twist throughthe misty trails of my mind,reminding me of the star AlgolI once saw glimmering, glowinglike a light foreshadowed.Suddenly the light went outand I laughed to think thatI had wanted time to wait. 


Well, I messed up yesterday, but I'm learning here. I'm an author; I make mistakes and save them so I'll know what not to do the next time.If you have any [positive] comments or suggestions about this site, please feel free to share. There are many bloggers out there who have greater experience than I. … Continue reading Oops!

Okay, let’s get started. Some of you have heard of me; most have not. All my life my family and close friends have called me Aleta Kay or Kay. My maiden name was Lipsius. Went through elementary school in Green Ridge, Pennsylvania and high school in Cambridge, MD. I was an awkward kid and it seemed the only time I wasn’t in trouble was when I was in my room with my nose in a book. Reading was my passion. It took me to far away places and I’d get so lost I wouldn’t hear my mom calling me for supper. Then she’d get mad. I loved Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, and Victoria Holt. I loved walking along the catwalks with my friends on the way home from school in the Ridge. I loved the Beatles and lazy summer days, cream sodas and creamsicles. I loved our Siamese cats and hated moving from the Ridge to Maryland. But more than anything, I always wanted to write. So I’ll put a few samples here, and ask you to please give me your honest feedback, as long as it’s constructive. It can be negative as long as it’s helpful. It’s okay if you don’t like what I write. We all have different tastes and life has taught me to be thick-skinned. However, please be respectful. I do not like profanity so please don’t use it here. You don’t have to agree with all of my opinions. That is okay. It would be a dull world, indeed, if everyone always agreed. So I’ll now say goodnight and start again in the morning light. Have a blessed sleep.